Saturday, August 16, 2014

My Saturday morning...

I'm in my sewing room for a bit this morning, working on another Traveler BB Bag that a friend requested. Actually, I've had two requests, but for this one I was given the main fabric to use.

I thought it might be a bit difficult to get the look that my friend was going for, but has proved to be a fun challenge. I probably won't get it done today since I don't have enough time, but I'll get a good start.

I'm also starting to destash some fabrics over on Instagram... very slowly. I'll post them as I come across them in my sewing room so it will be somewhat "willy nilly." Today I listed this gorgeous piece of silk for $8/yard and there is 2 yds 14" of it. 

If you're interested, just email me and we can work out the payment arrangements.

Take care,

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