Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tuesdays and Thursdays...

I've mentioned before about the great quilting group that I belong to and that we meet every Tuesday and Thursday during the summer. We only have a couple more weeks before we go back to our Fall/Winter/Spring schedule of meeting at Jane's on Tuesday and Quilter's Studio on Thursday.

I always take a moment during the day to walk around Jane's yard and appreciate the beauty. I'm mesmerized by the mosaic she painted on the side of one of her outside walls. She has such imagination... it looks wonderful!!

We've had such a lovely summer and only one day where it was too hot to stay the entire day. We usually get a nice breeze that keeps us from feeling the heat. We have lots of lively discussions and we share what's going on in our lives. I would say that we all come from pretty different backgrounds and have lots of different interests but the quilting is what brings us together and makes us a cohesive unit. We have such fun and I love these ladies for allowing me to join in!!

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Mystic Quilter said...

It is so much fun to be part of a group and I must say if you with a group quilting in such lovely surroundings then what a delight! Love the avocados and frangipani, what a delight it must be to hop outdoors and pick an avocado to go with lunch and a sprig of frangipani for your sewing studio!