Monday, May 05, 2014

My Tuesdays...

I've talked a bit about my Tuesday group and all the fun we have, but I thought it would be a nice idea to document it. We (there are six of us regularly, occasionally there is a seventh) meet at Jane's house, in Thousand Oaks, which has an absolutely wonderful view of the entire Conejo valley from her front yard and garage, where we sit to sew/quilt.

Her backyard is gorgeous, too, and a result of many, many hours of hard work. We could sit out here and eat lunch, but we can rarely tear ourselves away from our projects long enough to do it, although last Tuesday when the temps got up in the mid 90s we did sit for awhile in the shade and had a nice, breeze to cool us.

And, we have a couple of mascots, although I could only get one of them to pose for me. Here's Mason... isn't he the cutest thing?

We always have some good treats on hand...

While we're busy working on Zip & Go bags... Stacey's and Jane's.

2-Zip Hipsters... Stacey's, Jane's & Pat A's (we have two Pat's in our group, although we sometimes refer to one of them as Grannie).

More fabric baskets... Jane's (getting just a little carried away) and Stacey's (this is her second one).

And then there is this... Stacey's Moose Rag quilt. The cutest rag quilt I've ever seen.

As I said, we quilt/sew in Jane's garage. She's converted it into her studio and it's set up quite well to accommodate all of us. We can sit and sew to our heart's content all the while being able to look out over the Conejo Valley or retreat into her backyard to relax. It's heavenly. I didn't get photos of the entire garage, but I did get Pat A's area in which she is auditioning fabrics for her newest quilt.

And Pat P is making Noodlehead's Super Tote. Great fabric choices, don't you think?

I hope you can tell from all I've written just how much fun we have and how creative we are. I get such great inspiration from these wonderful ladies... every single week! I'm looking forward to tomorrow. :)

Take care,


Kar said...

How awesome is that to have a wonderful group to get together with and have fun with. :)

Sally said...

Lucky you. Wish I could join you.

Susan R said...

Oh my gosh!! How wonderful...what a gift to be able to get together and share your passion for quilting.

I can't believe how beautiful all the bags are; you all have such talent. You must support and inspire each other all the time.

Thanks so much for sharing your Tuesdays with us!!

Trudy Smith said...

Love it, love you all!