Saturday, November 22, 2014

More... :))

Both my friend Pat and I cannot stop making these blocks. I tell you that it's addicting and I'm not kidding. We've even converted a couple of traditional quilters in our group into thinking about making some of these using wilder and crazier fabrics than they ever do.

At the end of the day and at Jane's prompt, we pinned our completed blocks to the wall to get an idea of just what we had accomplished. Pat really got a lot done on Thursday during class... she just kept making one gorgeous block after another. She's going to put them together in the square format and she's keeping to a pretty strict colorway. I love, love, love them.

Especially this one...

Aren't her fabric choices wonderful???

After taking another look at all of mine on the wall, I think I'm going to rethink how I was going to put them together. I went crazy with fabric choices and colors and didn't stick to any kind of theme. It's fun because now it's another challenge. I just need to step away for a bit to think.

That Modern Wedge class is one that keeps on giving!

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend. I'm doing chores and believe it or not, I' enjoying it immensely.

Take care,

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

They are addicting...

Once I got started in our workshop on Saturday, I found I couldn't stop. It is addicting to play with fabric combinations and it's an easy block, both to cut and to sew.

These were done yesterday at Jane's house. I already had them cut so it was easy to get them all sewn as we sat and visited. They are sewn into halves (and pinned on the design board to see what the whole circle would look like) since I'm still deciding how I'm going to put them together.

Pat ended up bringing more fabric combinations and got quite a few cut and ready to sew. I'm hoping she'll work on them tomorrow at quilting group so I can see them come to life!

Take care,

Monday, November 17, 2014

A good day all around...

The Modern Wedge workshop with Kathy Doughty last Saturday was a blast! I had such a great time and learned so much. I also got a lot accomplished for such a short period of time.

Kathy's lecture was kind of an eye-opener for me. I've heard many theories about contrast, color, value, etc., but never in a way that made more sense to me. After listening to her talk, I'm rethinking my stash and the various opportunities that are probably lurking there that I've never considered before now.

As I sat and listened to what she was saying, I realized that I had brought all the wrong fabrics. In fact, I think most of us in class felt that way. But in reality we were all being challenged to see our fabrics in a new way and to use what we brought to class to create some really stunning quilt blocks.

In the end, I was so happy with my choices. And, I loved what the others in class did too.

These are the fabrics I took to the workshop with me... all large-scale prints.

And this is the first "block" I started to make.

Here are the rest of the "blocks" that I got done. They are not complete circles because Kathy gave me an idea/direction that requires only half-blocks. I won't divulge it now, but as I progress, it will become apparent where I'm going with it.

Such a FUN day! Thanks to the BCQG for providing Kathy the opportunity to teach and for the wonderful classroom facilities. And, last but certainly not least... a big thanks to John for carrying all of our heavy sewing machines from our cars to the classroom. That was a real treat!

I also want to thank my friends, Pat and Johanne. Johanne made it possible for Pat and I to attend, but I wouldn't know Johanne if it wasn't for Pat. I'm so lucky to have these wonderful ladies in my life.

Take care,

P.S. I do apologize for the quality of the pics. They were taken with my phone and although the phone has a great camera, I don't seem to be able to hold it steady enough to get good photos.

Friday, November 14, 2014

I played "hooky" yesterday...

As much as it pained me to do it, I decided to stay home and work on this Zenith quilt top yesterday rather than going to my quilting class. I missed seeing all of my friends, but it was the right choice since I finished getting it assembled.

I plan to work on finishing up my Midnight at the Oasis quilt and I need the design wall in order to do that. Now that the Zenith top is finished, I can take it down and put it into the to be quilted pile. And, the MATO can go back up on the wall. I'm more than half way to being finished and what I do have left is easy.

I'm still working on the cargo duffel. I had to lay off for a couple of days since I was waiting for my zipper to arrive. I wish I could have found a zipper I like better, but the one I got will work just fine. I was looking for one with with two pulls so that I can open it from either end and this one does, but it's not pretty. I hope to have time to work on it this weekend, although...

On Saturday I'm taking Kathy Doughty's Modern Wedge class in Orange County. Yippee! To tell the truth, I don't even care if I get much done in terms of starting/making a quilt. I'm more interested in meeting Kathy and listening to her quilting and fabric philosophy. I've been following her on her blog for years and greatly admire her fabulous ability to combine interesting/unusual fabrics. To say that I'm excited is an understatement. :)

Take care,

Monday, November 10, 2014

Fall in the Sierra's

A few weeks ago, we were on our way to Bend, Oregon when we got sidetracked and instead spent a few days in the Mammoth Lakes area. Never having been there at this time of year, we were so thrilled to see fall color on the trees in the surrounding hillsides and lakes. Before we even got to our condo to unpack and relax, we had taken several detours, finding gorgeous pockets of color along the way.

Astounding as it sounds, we came very, very close to several herds of deer quietly munching away at one of the local resorts and on a nearby baseball field. I say herds because we counted over 25 at the baseball field alone. And they were not the least bit frightened of us. We are guessing that because of the severe drought conditions in California, the wildlife is being forced to come nearer to civilization just to find food. Sad.

We had seen a gentleman petting a deer a littler earlier, and my husband turned to me and said, "I want to pet that deer." I was surprised, but he went over and... can you see in this next photo that my husband is petting that deer?

And this... this was absolutely hilarious! After quietly watching my husband pet the deer from across the yard, this guy started taking photos of it as it moved towards him. My husband yelled over to him to "take a selfie!" And, he did! OMG, it was so funny! And, then when his buddy walked up to him from behind his car, he told him, "I got a selfie!" I would have loved to see that selfie. You just can't make this stuff up.

What a fun little trip it was. I have a few more photos to share...

Take care,

Saturday, November 08, 2014

It's been a productive day...

Hubby and I have gotten quite a bit done today and it feels so good. It doesn't happen quite as often as I would like so I'm really enjoying it. We had to take his car in for new brakes and tires and although that's one expense I could do without, it's so nice to have new tires with lots of tread.

We also had a couple of big items listed on craigslist that sold today. One, a slipper chair that I just listed Wednesday, was purchased to be used in an upcoming movie. Kind of exciting, I thought!

I worked a couple hours on the channel quilting for the front and back of the cargo duffel I'm making, but I got to the point where I needed to do the bottom and zipper gussets and without a zipper, it was impossible to continue. I got the zipper ordered, after searching for awhile to find exactly what I wanted, and hope it will be here early next week.

And, lastly, I just got these four zipper pouches listed in my etsy shop. I have more made... I just have to get photos of them and get them listed. :)

I love these kinds of days!!

Take care,

Friday, November 07, 2014

Finished it!

Yesterday I mentioned that I was going to work on a Zip & Go. I got it finished and now I get to notify my customer that it's done.

I've got some cleaning chores to get done this afternoon and once I'm finished with that, I'm heading into my sewing room to start picking and cutting fabrics for a Cargo Duffel. Pat and I decided it's time we made that pattern and we're going to work on them together next week.

Take care,

Thursday, November 06, 2014

As promised...

As I promised yesterday, I'm posting photos of the two recent Two-Zip Hipster bags I made for a customer/friend.

Cute, right? The houses are wonderful! And, the black one is stunning with all that gorgeous color! I cannot take credit for picking these fabrics... they were supplied by my friend.  

This bag is truly perfect. It's just the right size, without being too large or too small, and it's got plenty of great pockets. Plus, it hangs nicely cross-body and doesn't cut into your shoulder as so many bags do when they are in use. And, it's a pleasure to make... a GREAT pattern!

Take care,

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Fulfilling orders...

That's what I've been doing for the last week and a half... fulfilling orders. That doesn't make it sound nearly as much fun as it is. Making these zipper pouches is instant gratification and what could be better than that?

Christmas zipper pouches, can you believe it? I can hardly believe it's already the first of November and Christmas will be here before we know it. I might not be ready, but my customer is certainly going to be prepared, right?

In addition to these pouches, I've made a couple of Two-Zip Hipsters and will get them posted tomorrow. Right now I'm off to work on a Zip & Go!

Take care,