Thursday, April 17, 2014

Multi-Tasker Tote...

I'm in the process of making a Two-zip Hipster, exactly like the one I made for myself, for a friend who requested it. But, while I've been waiting for the ordered fabric/supplies necessary to arrive, (I'm still waiting on interfacing) I needed something easy to work on in class last Thursday and this bag seemed the perfect thing since ironing the fabrics, applying fusible batting, and cutting out the pattern pieces wouldn't require too much concentration. Our classroom is a hectic environment with 22 of us sewing on different projects. There's lots of visiting, sharing and laughter - lots and lots of laughter! It's a fun-filled day to be sure and I go home pretty pooped.

I've had the pattern, the Multi-Tasker Tote by Anna Maria Horner, for quite awhile and had my fabrics all picked out so it was easy to grab on Thursday morning and go.

I'm always surprised at how much time it actually takes to make compared to how much time I think it will take to make!!  Anyway, I was able to get it completed over the weekend and I'm very happy with it.


I took these shots on Tuesday while at my mini-group. The girls had fun "staging" my bag  to see which location looked the best. I couldn't decide so you get to see them all.

Today we don't have class since it's Spring break, so we're taking a "field trip" to a couple of local quilt shops. How fun!

Take care,

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fun, fun, fun!

It seems that having fun has become my mantra and that's ok with me. Believe me - I'm making up for lost time! Making these bags has been fun. For some reason, this is a pattern that I find easy and when it's finished it looks great! I took three of these in to share with my quilting group on Thursday and two of them sold. Another is spoken for and the last one will go into my shop. And, I've got more cut out and ready to sew!

This is the bag that is listed in the shop. It's made from Amy Butler's Soul Blossom line with a Robert Kaufman lining. Cute, don't you think?

We took a very short "Sunday drive" this afternoon and were surprised to come upon this field of wild mustard. The drought conditions we're experiencing had not prepared us for this gorgeous sight!

Take care,

Friday, April 04, 2014

I cannot stop...

I just can't stop making mug rugs! I use them all the time and finally have trained DH to use them. He always says, "they're too pretty to use" and I tell him, "I can make more." That's an understatement, if I ever heard one.

They're here, if you're interested.

Linking up with Inspire Us Thursday.

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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

It's listed...

I wanted to do a nice post regarding this quilt because I love it and have really torn feelings about selling it. I obviously do not need another quilt and if I kept this one I would have to purge another one from my collection - which I'm not ready to do yet. But, I'm telling you... this is a difficult decision!

Anyway, I love the way this quilt turned out. I find that kind of funny since I'm not a real "blue" lover, but there is just something about this quilt that is irresistible to me. I don't say that about any of my quilts, just so you know. The quilting on it is very simple... just a horizontal wavy line across the entire quilt.

I'm babbling I know... ok, I'll stop.

It's in the shop! ...(unless I change my mind - I know, I'm pathetic!)

Take care,

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Got any fabric?

I need a half yard of this fabric. It's Asian Harmony #3073 by Lonni Rossi for Andover Fabrics. It's probably 4-5 years old, but I love it and just don't have enough. If anyone has some, would you be willing to sell me a half yard piece?

I won't say I'm desperate, but I do need it...

Take care,

Friday, March 28, 2014

Two-zip Hipster bag... I love it!

I took a class last Friday and we made the Two-zip Hipster bag. Our class consisted of 8 people so it was a great size and we were able to get a lot of attention from our teacher. I must say that this is one of the very best patterns I've ever seen. It's very thorough with lots of great pictures, extremely well written and easy to read. I can't recommend it highly enough.

We started at 9am and were finished by 3:30 pm with an hour for lunch so it was an all-day session... and this was considering we had already cut our bag main fabric, lining, interfacing and soft and stable before we got to class. I did finish up my strap, did the topstitching around the top of the bag, and put the little fabric square on the end of the zipper at home, but that's all... the rest we did in class.

I chose this fabric because it's a neutral and will go with many different outfits and I can use it in the summer too. I picked the gold/grey inner lining because my wallet is yellow/gold and I wanted it to match. :)

I absolutely love it and plan on making many more. The pattern designer allows them to be made/sold so you just might see them start popping up in my shop too.

Take care,

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A new Scrappy Chevron and finished socks...

I've been working on another Scrappy Trip Chevron. Two more blocks and it's ready to sew together and quilt! This one will eventually end up in the shop too!

And, I got the socks finished!

 They are in the shop.

Take care,

Monday, March 24, 2014

Fabric baskets...

I got it into my head to make fabric baskets a couple of weeks ago and started with that first batik one I made. I took it to my Tuesday group meeting and everyone wanted to make one... so we did.

Well, that blossomed into showing them at our Thursday group and everyone there wanted to make one... so we did.

I've had such fun making these and seeing what everyone else made. It's been a busy couple of weeks. :)

And, finally here are a few of mine that are listed in my shop!

Take care,

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A fun caddy!

I just want to share quickly today as I'm running out the door. I've been working on this Classmate caddy for a few days now. It was fun to put together... cutting the pieces took longer than anything else, except the binding. That's only because I don't trust myself to finish it on the machine so after attaching it to the bag with the machine, I finished it by hand.

It holds a ton of stuff and there are two hidden pockets for ruler and mat. The pattern is very detailed/thorough and very easy to put together. I had so much fun making it that I'm already anxious to make another!

Photos aren't so great, and for that I apologize, but I was too excited to share it to take any more time!

Take care,