Saturday, July 19, 2014

I finally counted...

... and this is the twenty-fourth (24th) Zip & Go I've made. I'm actually shocked because it doesn't feel like I've made that many.

I love this one...

They only way I can think of to describe it is delicate. I can see this worn with a lovely cream-colored outfit on a warm summer evening.

It's got a great lining too...

It's here if you want to take a closer look at it!

Take care,

Friday, July 18, 2014

I've been motivated...

... to de-stash, clean out, purge... whatever you want to call it, I'm doing it. I've just put a cute bag pattern and the Bendable Bright Light (2 of them) in my shop.

I saw this Sleep Over Satchel made up in a wonderful Upholstery fabric and it was great. That's what I was planning to do, too, when I bought the pattern, but it would also look great in quilting cotton.

There will be lots more fun stuff in the next couple of weeks! Anyway, they're here, if you want to take a look.

Take care,

200 Vintage 4-patch quilt blocks...

I just listed this package of 200 4-patch quilt blocks in my shop. They are old... I'm guessing that a lot of them are from the 30's/40's and they are kinda funky, but fun! I think many of them contain feedsack fabric.

The predominant color is blue/aqua and I think they would make a lovely, very vintage looking quilt or maybe a pillow or two. I found them many years ago at the Rosebowl Swap Meet and they been stored in my sewing room since. I'm de-stashing and know I'll never put them to good use.

Like I said, they are kinda funky. They measure approx 3 3/4" but they are not perfect by any means. Also, there are quite a few that are stained and I'm not sure the stains will come out with laundering or not. My guess is that maybe 15 - 20% are stained and the photo above shows one of the worst. Most just have tiny stains here and there.

Anyway, if you think they sound like something you might be interested in having, they are here! I priced them very well, I think.

Wow! They're gone... that was the fastest sale I've ever had! :)) Thanks MJS!

Take care,

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pretty Potent smaller FQ bundles...

I've been meaning to get these smaller Pretty Potent FQ bundles in my shop for quite some time and I finally got around to it. These have been divided up into their repective colorways/groups and each bundle contains eight fat quarters. Kind of fun, and certainly more affordable this way!

By Land

By Sea

By Air

If you are interested, they are here!

Take care,

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My favorite so far!

Wow... I love this Zip & Go bag in this fabric combination. It's an asian-influenced Art Gallery fabric with Kaffe's Mirage Stripe as a lining. I knew as I was working on it Saturday afternoon that I was really liking it, but I had no idea how much until I was finished with it!

This is one of those colors that is hard for me to photograph. The true color is a bit more dusty and grayed. My husband took this bag in to show his co-worker's today, along with some of Pat's Two-zip Hipsters. I suspect that it will sell, and I'll be sorry to see it go.

Speaking of Pat's bags... with her permission I'm showing you the recent Poolside Tote she made using Noodlehead's pattern. Pat has such a way for combining fabrics. I just love this bag she's done with a canvas fabric. She also used Soft & Stable in it even though the pattern doesn't call for it. That chevron handle is perfect, don't you think?

Take care,

Monday, July 14, 2014

Done - three for three!

After completing some chores around the house Friday morning, I spent the afternoon in my sewing room. Watching The Legend of Bagger Vance while making this bag. If you've never seen that movie, I highly recommend it, whether you like golf or not. It's one of my favorites.

This is the third of the three bags I made for Jane. This one, however, was different from the others in that Jane provided me with all of the fabrics. Since it's going to be a gift, Jane wanted very specific fabrics used. Although it's much more on the plain side than the bags I usually make, I really like it. And, wow... look at that lining.

My husband asked me how many of these little bags I've made to this point and to tell the truth, I don't know and haven't counted, but my guess would be around 20 or so. That's surprising to me since my attention span usually doesn't last that long. :) Anyway, I hurriedly put together this collage of just a few of the bags.

Take care,

Saturday, July 12, 2014

New in the shop...

I just listed two new Zip & Go bags in the shop.

Check them out here, if you are interested!

Take care,

Friday, July 11, 2014

Yesterday at quilting...

What a fun day it was! The weather was very warm, but we got the best, cool breeze coming into the garage as we all worked. It was so lovely. And, we ate the first fig of the season. Right off of Jane's tree. Mmmmm... it was so good.

I was extremely (for me) productive yesterday and I'm very happy with the results.

I can't remember if I mentioned before, but Jane and I are bartering with each other. Three Zip & Go bags for one of her art pieces. Believe me, I'm getting the better end of the deal. Anyway, I got two of the three done yesterday. I'm telling you... the Zip & Go is my very favorite little bag. It's fun to use and it's fun to make. I'm sorry I didn't get pics of the linings, but I completely forgot and I left these with Jane so she could use one of them this weekend. One more to go...

Oh... I'm looking for more of the NY "City Lights" fabric. That's the one on the left. If anyone has any, and you're willing to sell it, I'm very interested! Just email me, please.

Have a wonderful and FUN weekend!!

Take care,

Thursday, July 10, 2014


It always feels like Christmas when I receive my zipper order from Zipit. Even though I already know what's inside, it's still a thrill to open the package and examine all that glorious color!

I tried something new this time... see those orange metal zippers? I'm going to see what they look like on a couple of zippered pouches. How fun!

Take care,

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

I've got some catching up to do...

I've sorta been out of commission the last couple of weeks. I haven't been feeling all that well for awhile, and it caught up with me. I finally got myself to the doctor, then had to have an ultrasound, and it appears, further testing. Ugh. But, in the meantime, I'm feeling just a tiny bit better. At least enough that I was able to go to my quilting group meeting yesterday and do a bit of sewing.

I started this quilt because it's an easy project to carry back and forth from home to quilting group. Just the cutting of fabrics occupied several meetings, then sewing the triangles together took another day or two. Yesterday, I got most of the top sewn together but, as you can see, I still have to add another vertical row on the right hand side and three horizontal rows to the bottom.

Fabric selection was a challenge as I was purposely trying to pick fabrics that didn't necessarily go well together but might be interesting when combined. I'm happy with it... much more so than I thought I would be, and I think part of that is the pattern itself.

It's been fun to work on and easy (except for trying to wrap my brain around which way I had to cut those triangles).

Anyway, I'm behind on making more Zip & Go's and I want to make a bunch of zippered pouches too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I continue to feel well enough to get some of it done.

Take care,