Monday, March 05, 2018

A new bag...

I'm very happy with the way this Traverse Bag turned out. I actually love it... a lot! It was an easy bag to make since the pattern is so well written. Noodlehead and Dog Under My Desk are two of my favorite bag designers and pattern writers for that very reason.

I haven't made a bag like this in a very long time and I admit I was a bit nervous about it. Funny isn't it? You DO lose it if you don't use it!

I didn't have a single problem and although Noodlehead doesn't call for using Soft & Stable, I like my bags with the added structure it provides. This is a great size for a crossbody bag I think, but I think just for fun I'm going to make the smaller size included in the pattern.

This was also the first time I've used a twist-lock closure. It wasn't difficult, but I learned a thing or two I would do different next time. 

This is a UFO started last October (2017) when my friend Pat was visiting. It's also February's project for the AllPeopleQuilt2018 UFO Challenge. (I'm only 4 days late getting it done so I feel good about that.) Anyway, Pat and I spent a day cutting out our bags even though we knew we wouldn't have time to sew them. I actually thought I would get mine done right away after Pat left, but here we are in the beginning of March.  I truly do enjoy crossing those UFOs off the list! :)

Take care,

Started 2018 with UFO projects: 23
New YTD: 5
Gave away YTD:0
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Sold unfinished UFOs YTD:0
Finished YTD: -5
So far 2018: 23


Diane J. Evans said...

You always make great bags, Terri -- so polished and professional looking. I love the bags I have that you created -- they're my favorites.

Jackie said...

Wow! Your bags are always great but I think this is my favorite of all time The colors are so me and your sewing is just 1000% wonderful! You didn't miss a detail! Sure you don't want to send it my way? Haha! I know the answer to that...