Sunday, May 27, 2018

Memorial Day weekend

Today was a gorgeous, lazy, relaxing day... I spent about 6 hours in my backyard today. Watering plants and reading, while my husband kept me company and repaired a large terracotta pot with epoxy. When it's dry (the pot), I'll spray paint it black and plant a Plumeria stem that I cut off our large plant a couple weeks ago and hardened off.

While living in this house, I have never spent that much time relaxing in the yard.  We used to spend hours and hours in our backyard when we lived in Camarillo, but that was mostly weeding, mowing, pruning, etc., etc. We do that in this yard too, obviously, but way less since it's a much smaller yard. We've decided we finally have an adult yard. One we can enjoy instead of constantly having to work to keep it up. I have to say we've certainly earned it and it's heavenly.

Yesterday was gorgeous and relaxing too. The weather was spectacular as we headed over to the harbor/beach for lunch and a walk. It reminded me there is so much to be grateful for.

Tomorrow, Memorial Day, will be celebrated at the local cemetery where my husband will play trumpet in the community band to commemorate and honor those who gave their lives for our freedoms.

Take care,

I need to update the following chart, but I'll do that with my next post.

Started 2018 with UFO projects: 23
New YTD:7
Gave away YTD:0
Trashed/dismantled YTD:
Sold unfinished UFOs YTD:0
Finished YTD: -7
So far 2018: 23

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