Saturday, January 13, 2018

Blocking and knitting...

I finally received the lace blocking wires and blocking mats that I ordered and now have started to block the five shawls I completed last October through December. I'll post them for you to see when they are all finished and looking pretty! I started one while we were in Mammoth Lakes for a week and while setting it out to block it brought back good memories of a fun trip. I love when that happens.

This is actually the very last one I finished, but it's the easiest to block since there weren't many ends that needed to be woven in. It's the Reyna Shawl and I used BMFA STR Lightweight yarn to knit it. Can't remember the colorway, but it's pretty! It's an easy knit and looks very elegant.

It's what I call "neutral" in color, but it has the very lightest hint of pink in some areas. These photos are taken with a lens I forgot I had and so I'm playing around with it. The little sparkles are water droplets.

While I'm taking photos I thought you should see my Liatris Hat also. It's gonna be a pretty one! I used Ella Rae Lace Merino for this one... only because I had it and wanted to get it used up. I wouldn't have purposely picked this yarn for this hat, but I really like it now that I'm using it.

Ok... I like being a little flexible, but it does mean things change, doesn't it. That's the case with QuiltCon. One minute I'm going, the next I'm not. I'm disappointed I won't get to see my good friend, but other than that it's definitely ok with me.

Oh, a side note... I've been growing out my hair since October. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it, but I'm hanging in there. I haven't had hair this long (it's halfway between my chin and shoulders) since my late 30s and frankly, I haven't found a way to style it yet that I like. It's not long enough to pull into a "ponytail." Naturally curly hair has always been a challenge for me. I told my husband that I would have lived an entirely different life if I had born with straight hair! :)

Also, you probably shouldn't get used to me posting three times a week... I think it's just a fluke that it worked out that way this week. :) I'm also on Instagram as @quilternity if you're interested.

Take care,

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Sally said...

Even if it is a fluke, it's still nice to see your posts. Keep 'em coming. Sally

Jackie said...

Beautiful projects! Sounds like you're having a blocking party for sure!

I'm letting my hair grow out too and also not sure I like it or will like it. Ugh.

Jocelyn said...

I am a new knitter, but love this shawl. Would you say this is an easy pattern?