Monday, January 15, 2018

Another shawl...

Yesterday I blocked a second Reyna Shawl. Still using BMFA STR (a Rare Gems colorway) but in a much darker color than I've used before. It's a gorgeous color, but I found it difficult to see my stitches while knitting with it. That said, I got it done (with a little ripping out here and there) and I think it's lovely.

I'm new to blocking so I'm not sure I'm doing it the "right" way, but the first one turned out nicely so I'm doing it the same way I did that one. If someone knows a better way, please let me know.

We were also out in the yard yesterday doing a bit of weeding. It was a bit breezy, but the temperature was just perfect. The ground was still a bit wet from the rains so the weeds came up easy. I love it when that happens, but since we got the two new Queen palms and the rest of the border planted, I've been making a special effort to get them pulled before they mature. I'm happy to say that the herbs I planted at the same time are doing well, as well as the two Bougainvillea we put in.

Oregano... Mmm, love it and use a lot of it in my cooking. It's great on roasted potato wedges with olive oil, salt & pepper.

Now it's Monday and the work week begins.

Take care,

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Sally said...

blocking is not so hard--just time consuming. And you have the right tools. Blocking makes all the difference, imho. Keep up these posts. We're still in the 9 degree range and snow on the ground so no gardening for us for months, I'm afraid.

Diane J. Evans said...

Your shawls are gorgeous, Terri, and from what I can see, your blocking methods are spot on. The rods are great tools when you're working with a large, straight-edged piece, and I've always used those T-pins when I've blocked my knitted sweaters and scarfs.


Mystic Quilter said...

Wonderful colour matching here Terri! You have another lovely shawl, beautiful colour.