Saturday, May 23, 2015

It's been gifted... Pats Quilt

I finally made it to the Camarillo farmer's market this morning. I've been wanting to go for the longest time. I used to go every week when I lived down that way and it was always a fun way to start the weekend. It certainly didn't disappoint!

But the big news is... I can finally reveal the quilt I made for my friend Pat! She should have it by now and even if she doesn't I doubt she has time to read my blog. Her daughter just gave birth to twins... a girl named Claire and a boy named Noah. Congratulations Granny!!

Pat was the first one to see and fall in love with this quilt pattern. I have misplaced the name/information for it right now, but I know I will find it and then I'll update this post. Anyway, it was hanging in Ventura at Superbuzzy when we first saw it. In their version, they kept their colors together and did it more as a color wheel. That's what I planned to do at first, but then I got started and really liked this layout. Let's hope Pat does too!

I had planned to quilt it myself, but I ran out of time so I sent it to Karen at Cosmic Quilting in Laguna Beach. My friend Johanne referred me and I was extremely happy with the results. Karen provided quick service, did a beautiful job of the quilting, and was very reasonable.

Anyway, I'll be anxious to hear what Pat thinks!! :)

Take care,


Vicki W said...

What a bright and happy quilt!

Jackie said...

Gorgeous quilt! I'd love to have the name if you find it. It looks like it's not too difficult to put together but yet it provides a lot of interest. Great job with your layout! I really like it!