Friday, May 08, 2015

I forgot to share this...

I finished this bag about two to three weeks ago and although I shared it on Instagram, I forgot to share it here. I'm very happy with my version of the Caravan Tote (pattern by Noodlehead).It was designed to be a knitting bag, but with just a couple alterations, it works well as a general purpose bag. It's a good sized tote bag with lots of great pockets - a little too big to use as a purse, but I think it would make a great carry-on tote for flying.

That front pocket flap is supposed to have two snap closures. I keep going back and forth about them. I'm not sure I need them or want them so I'm giving myself some more time to think about it. :)

One of my alterations, was to add a recessed zipper across the top. I made it about 2" too long, but I'm not going to re-do it since it works fine anyway. I love having a zipper to contain everything in my bag.

The photos are not the best. I've sorta lost my enthusiasm for photography right now... I'm in a slump. I'll get it back soon, I hope! :)

Oh... and just so you know... I finished the bedskirt! I'm so happy to get that crossed of my to-do list and I love the way it looks on the bed.

Take care,

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Sally said...

Another fantastic bag!

Glad tohear about your ed skirt. I'm actually thinking of making one for one of the beds in my home using some of the fabric from my stash. Do you have any hints? What did you use for the "top"? I'm thinking an old sheet.