Thursday, June 26, 2014

OMG... really?

Ok, ok, ok, I get it. I'm just a bit on the slow side! You'll see why if you keep reading.

Gayle and I finished our Daytripper bags today! Yippee! We both feel extremely happy about being done and we're very happy with the way our bags look.

Keep in mind that these were just freshly finished and haven't gotten a good steam iron job yet, but don't they look great?

Remember I said that we were both making the smaller version of the bag? Doesn't Gayles' bag (on the right) look smaller than mine? About two hours before we finished up it was brought to my attention that my bag wasn't the smaller version. It just never dawned on me that it wasn't very small and I'm not sure that I would have figured it out on my own! That's what I mean about being slow. We all had a good laugh about that... but, really the best part is that when I got home I compared it with my first Daytripper (which was the largest size) and it's smaller than that one. So, I guess I created a new size for this pattern - I'm calling it the medium size. :))

I used turquoise piping on this front pocket and on the inside pocket and I love how it looks. It really defines that front pocket well.

I haven't taken a good shot of the lining yet, but I will, and when I do I will update this post. I really, really like the lining fabric I used.

We had a full house today... eight of us. That's our regular six members and two guests. So. much. fun!!!

We found out today that one of our quilting friends recently had back surgery and is now recovering so what does Jane do? Takes five minutes -really- and makes this gorgeous card so we can all sign it and send it to Bonnie. Get well soon, Bonnie!!

So, now I'm just going to say... I'm not going to make another Daytripper. Please remind me I said that in case I forget and start talking about another one. It's not a hard bag at all, but it's time consuming. I think it's a three-day bag. One day for cutting and two for sewing. It just wore me out. The pattern is extremely well written so it's definitely not a reflection of the pattern/instructions. It's just that I have the attention span of the Zip and Go or the Two-zip Hipster.

It's been a great week so far and it's only Thursday!

Take care,


Wendy @ Wendysquiltsandmore said...

I love those fabrics you've used. You've made so many bags lately. You must have a cupboard full of bags - one for each day of the month! Well done.

Kar said...

I think the work was well worth it. The bag looks great!

Gayle Ficarra Wolcott said...

Thanks for including my Daytripper bag! I had fun too, and yes I agree, the directions & patterns were great it was just us that needed the extra days to finish. I almost don't want to give it to my daughter, but I will. Thanks again for all your help and support.

Trudy Smith said...

Awesome card for Bonnie!! Glad you all are having a great sewing summer!

Shelley said...

Fabulous bag!! I love the fabric you used for your bag, and the turquoise piping is perfect :)