Sunday, May 25, 2014

My new camera bag!

In a class last Monday, with five great gals and our terrific teacher Pat, I made a camera bag. It's called the Daytripper, and it's really a messenger-type bag because it's a bit larger than your "normal" sized bag. There is a smaller version too and I'm going to be making that with another couple gals on June 17th. It's a fun bag and looks so professional when completed.

Here's a group shot of four of the five bags that were made. All very different and all, I think, gorgeous! The orange/red bag and mine are the larger size and the other two are the smaller size.

I used an Australian aboriginal fabric (that I really, really like) for the outside and a Japanese text print for the lining. Quite the "international" bag, if I do say so myself. And, I added extra padding so it's great for protecting my camera. The best part is that it doesn't look like a camera bag - I love that!

Today I finished up a Zip & Go and a 2-Zip Hipster that were custom orders and started quilting my Scrappy Chevron quilt. I've been busy!

Hope you're all having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

Take care,


Maria said...

This bag is just beautiful. I love how you can't tell it's a camera bag and I like the zipper going all the way across the bag. The fabric is devine.

Judy Rys said...

We're gonna have to call you the bag lady! LOL