Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Writing letters, collecting stamps & penpals...

I've recently got the bug to write letters. Yep, old-fashioned, snail-mail letters (& postcards).  So, I joined the Letter Writer's Alliance and Postcrossing as a way to find pen-pals and also document what I send and receive..

Outgoing 1/7/13

I love the USPS (and stamps) and want to make sure that it stays a viable option for a long time to come. Hubby and I bought a stamp collection at the Long Beach Swap Meet earlier last year (2012) and, at the time, had no idea what we were really getting. We don't know if it's valuable or not, and don't particularly care, but we've got a LOT of beautiful, old, hand-cancelled stamps - already separated into glassine envelopes and labeled. Now, we're creating an excel spreadsheet to document it all. It's fun and it's amazing the engraving intricacy of some of those old stamps.

If you are interested in becoming a pen-pal - writing old-fashioned, snail-mail, letters and cards - then you should email me because I would love to exchange mail with you!

And, just aother little reminder (which I'm sure you're getting sick of by now but I'm going to keep it up till all my fabric is gone). Have you taken advantage of my "Blow-Out" sale? Prices will remain in effect until the 27th so you can take advantage of both my very low prices and the lower shipping rates.

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Tina Wijesiri said...

shall we swap stamps?

pals24 said...

writing letters is always so exciting