Saturday, January 12, 2013

National Handwriting Month, raspberries, & my sale!!

Well, that sure fits right in with my desire to write more letters and cards in longhand / handwriting. Several have inquired when I asked for "penpals" if that meant writing in handwriting. Well, for me it does, but I'm not opposed to receiving letters that have been typed on a typewriter (wish I had one) or computer-generated. My decision to write in handwriting comes from an experience I had earlier in the year (2012) when an aunt (who is 98) wrote to me and I decided to reciprocate in kind. I discovered that it was difficult to concentrate and that my writing was pretty shaky from not using it. That's another thing I don't want to lose as I age so I'm taking every opportunity I can to write by hand. Anyway, check out Letter Writer's Alliance and Pendemonium to find out about a contest involving a little handwriting!!

I had errands to run yesterday and this is the road I take when going in that direction. It was a gorgeous, sunny and clear day and in this photo you can see the ocean. You can also see the islands of Anacapa and Santa Cruz out in the distance on the right. We can't always see them so that's a treat. Also, on the right in the lower portion of the photo is California State University Channel Islands. Only a portion of one of the parking lots is viewable, but isn't it a great location in which to attend school?

You may also notice the plastic covering the fields. This is something new that started just a couple of years ago and is slowly taking over all those gorgeous green fields. They grow berries under the plastic....exactly what kinds of berries other than raspberries I'm not sure. Maybe it's only raspberries, but if that's so, then pretty soon all of California will be growing raspberries and nothing else. It really makes me sad to see this. Every time we take this road more and more of the fields are covered in plastic.

"Blow-Out" sale reminder!!  Prices will remain in effect until the 27th so you can take advantage of both my very low prices and the lower shipping rates.

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