Thursday, December 06, 2012

Christmas Tag printables....

There are some great printable Christmas Tags out there in blogland this year so I thought I would show you just a few. I'm amazed at the generosity of these designers. This kind of stuff takes me forever to do and I know they must be a lot faster at it, but still....

I love to wrap gifts - especially Christmas gifts. But I like to get a bit creative in the process and these tags are the kind of thing that make a package different and personal. I admit that sometimes I'm rushed and don't take as much joy in it as I would like, but the finished package always makes me happy. If you're the same way, you might really love some (or all) of the tags.

Here's a wonderful example - these are very sophisticated with their colors of taupe, grey and maroon. Aren't they lovely? Once you visit the link you will see even more tag printables.

I love these fun plaid tags with the Reindeer on them. I used these last year on a few of my gifts.

Here's another cute Reindeer tag and this one is BIG! Cute, isn't it? And, it's that lovely shade of turquoise that everyone is loving this year.

These are really special as they come in either English or Swedish. How nice!

These are probably the most traditional of all, but they are wonderful!

Isn't this cute? What would you fill it with?'s a tag with room in it for goodies! (There are a lot of other clever Christmas diy projects at this link too.)

I really like these for their simplicity and "homemade" look.

I'll finish up with these last tags. I love the color on these. Love these!

And, just a holiday gift to you SALE!.....ends Christmas Day.

Happy Holidays,

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delilah thomas said...

hi there. Thanks for this post! I love the label with the candy cane in it. I think I'll be making those.