Tuesday, December 04, 2012

My Holiday gift to you...

I've decided I'm going to keep my prices where they are (at Cyber Monday prices) from now until Christmas day as my gift to you for the holidays. You're keeping me busy with orders and it's fun! :)) One thing I will say is that once most of these fabrics are gone, I'll not be re-ordering them. I'm going to take the shop in a different direction next year.

It's been raining here now for a couple of days and definitely feels very festive and seasonal. I'm ready to go get a Christmas tree but it just didn't work out for this weekend. I'm hoping we'll be able to go one evening this week. I enjoy going in the evening when it's dark out and cold. We always bring the tree home and stick it in a bucket of water for a couple of days to get it really hydrated before we bring it inside. Last year we tried a Nordman rather than the typical Noble fir we usually get. While the branches aren't quite as stiff/firm/substantial, it's a much greener tree than the Noble and it stayed fresh the entire month of December. I just put on a lot less ornaments since they don't hang quite as well, but it was beautiful.

I've got all my gift shopping done so I'll really be able to enjoy the holidays without feeling stressed. I plan to do a lot of baking because I love baking Christmas cookies and pies. :)

Hope you're all getting excited about the holidays too!

Take care,

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HollyM said...

Most of my shopping is done too. I go in spurts with my wrapping. I might get inspired for a gift or two then revert to the norm for the rest.
I also started using a fake table topper tree but I usually decorate it in somewhat of a theme and try to use unorthodox things on it.
With my weight and health issues, I've cut back on the baking, doing a few favourites for the boys when they come.