Friday, February 02, 2018

I finished!

I finished two projects this last week! It always feels good to finish a project, but then I feel a little bit lost until I figure out what I'm going to do next.

I'm most excited about the Sunburst Christmas Tree Skirt. It was a blast to make and went together easily and quickly. I decided against heavy quilting since it really doesn't need it. Each "starburst" section was assembled QAYG so it's already quilted to some degree. I just stitched in the ditch between each "starburst" section and I'm happy. Besides, if all goes well, it will not be all that visible behind gifts, right? :)

I mentioned that I was working on the tree skirt as a part of the All People Quilt 2018 UFO Challenge and it did spur me on to get it completed in January. I finished it on the 29th... right under the wire.

I just checked and February's project is #9 on our lists. That's the Traverse Bag for me! I cut it out in October of last year when my friend Pat was here. We were going to work on them together and get them finished the week she was here visiting but that fell by the wayside quickly. We were too busy visiting quilt shops and just generally having fun doing other things. Anyway, I'm anxious to get started on it and get it completed! It's always fun to cross these UFO/WIP projects off the list!

In addition, I got the Go With the Flow socks finished too. I had to rip out at least half a sock two times while I was working on these, so I basically knit three socks! I don't ever mind ripping out and starting again since I love to knit and it's just more knitting! :)

I understand the pattern has been discontinued and that's a shame. I wonder why?

Take care,

Started 2018 with UFO projects: 22
New YTD: 3
Gave away YTD:0
Trashed/dismantled YTD:
Sold unfinished UFOs YTD:0
Finished YTD: -3
So far 2018: 22


Diane J. Evans said...

Love the tree skirt, especially the binding -- great choice! And the socks look luscious enough to eat!

Jackie said...

I just love this tree skirt! Your color sense is always so wonderful! I need some of that. Ha!

I'm knitting a little bit again. Not a ton but I am enjoying it. A trip where I was not the driver and a visit to a wonderful yarn shop really inspired me!