Saturday, January 27, 2018

To quilt or not?

I'm working on my Starburst Christmas Tree Skirt today. I've got the skirt done, and the backing is pinned but now I'm trying to decide if I want it quilted or not. I like the look of it the way it is and could just quilt in the ditch for each "spike" of the skirt to secure it. It would also look good to quilt following the "chevron" of the fabric strips (if that makes any sense).

Got any suggestions?

Take care,

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Patchwork and Play said...

As an Aussie who has little experience in Christmas Tree skirts (they are not 'big' here!) my opinion may not be that valuable, but I think some ditch stitching would be enough. I too like that smooth look you get before quilting, and this seems a perfect look for a Christmas Tree skirt. Good luck with whatever you decide.

Elle said...

Quilt down the center of each fabric strip which gives you the chevron echo.

Sally said...

My opinion--fwiw--only quilt between sections.

Love your socks. I know you use Blue Moon medium quite a lot. What size needles do you use? Is that yarn dk or sport weight? I think I'm going to buy the pattern. I need socks desperately.

Jocelyn Thurston said...

Beautiful knitting and now quilting. Is there anything you can't do? ~Smile