Thursday, January 04, 2018

2017 - thankful it's over!

2017 is over and as much as I never like wishing my days away, I'm so grateful that it is. It was a tough year for me personally and took the wind out of my sails, so to speak. December was an especially difficult month. I'm optimistic that 2018 will be a much, much, much better year.

I did get some projects finished last year. They weren't things that I had planned on doing, but they kept me busy and provided much-needed "therapy." I knit five shawls and although they are finished, they have yet to be blocked because I'm waiting on blocking wires and mats. Needless to say I have no photos of them - yet!

I also made 12 mug rugs in December and my husband (great sales person that he is) sold 6 of them for me. 2 of them were gifts and the others will be forthcoming in my etsy shop. I haven't worked on any projects yet this year, but I'm starting to get myself organized so that I can focus.

I'm also feeling grateful already since I was able to take a nice walk today... unlike those of you in the path of the "bomb cyclone" or just living in areas that are freezing cold. Stay safe and stay warm.

Take care,

Started 2017 with UFO projects: 32
New YTD: 7
Gave away UFO projects YTD:0
Trashed/dismantled YTD: -3
Sold unfinished UFOs YTD:0
Removed because they had not been started: -5
Finished YTD: -1 (project consisted of 41 units)
Finished YTD: -8
Year End 2017: 22


Diane J. Evans said...

Oh, my, Terri -- I'm so sorry to hear that life has been less than gentle for you this year. You're one of the kindest artists I've had the pleasure to know, and I wish only the best for you. Please take good care of YOU -- let's hope that 2018 is a better year in all ways.


Mystic Quilter said...

Oh these mug rugs are beautiful, love the vibrant colours.