Thursday, August 17, 2017

It's been a lovely summer, so far...

Swimming came to an end today. Our group is always a bit sad when we have to get out of the pool and know it's for the last time this session. It's been 8 weeks of pure heaven! :) We've been very lucky and have had the most gorgeous weather, which has assured us of fairly warm water in the pool. Ten months until we start up this class again. :)

My hydrangeas have gone absolutely crazy this year and actually need to be pruned at some point. I went out and picked a couple flowers this morning to bring in the house and they are lovely. I had a range of colors this year from a very light green, through blue and lavender to light and hot pink. They are all still blooming, but it's beginning to slow down a bit.

I'm going to try to knit a pair of socks... a new (to me) pattern. I have missed knitting in the evenings... it helps me to relax before going to bed. As always, I'm using BMFA STR lightweight in this gorgeous green color. I think the pattern I've picked out will look wonderful with this fairly solid colored yarn. I love the STR so much that I don't know if I'll ever be able to try any other sock yarn.

Take care,

I started 2017 with UFO projects: 32
I have found (buried in my sewing room and elsewhere in the house) YTD: 0
I have started YTD: 1 ongoing project (composed of 34 units as of 4/5/17)
I have given away UFO projects YTD:0
I have thrown out or otherwise dismantled YTD: -2
I have sold unfinished UFO projects YTD:0
I have finished YTD: -1 "finished-for-now" project (composed of 41 units as of 4/27/17)
I have finished YTD: -1
Projects remaining YTD: 29


Diane J. Evans said...

Good luck with the knitting -- I hope your hands will work those needles with no pain at all. And I love your hydrangeas! Aren't they the most glorious creatures?!


Mystic Quilter said...

Love the hydrangeas!!! Mine didn't flower well the last Summer and I left the pruning too late this year, so don't know how many blooms will be out come Summer.
Hoping you can carry on with the knitting of your socks!

Jackie said...

I have never knit with BMFA STR. I think I have a skein or 2 in my stash. I should pull it out!

Marty Mason said...

We, too, have had a wonderful summer with splashes of color from the hydrangea bushes. Always my favorite flower - right up there with the brown eyed susan and zinnia. Great to see that you are busy and will stay that way with all those unfinished items around the house. Laughing.

floribunda said...

Hi Terri -- Hope you're well away from the fires in Ventura County! (and that all is well otherwise, too)