Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Raising $$ for charities...

I've decided I would like to sell these Dresden Plate quilt blocks that I made in a Kathy Doughty class since I'm trying to raise some $$ for a few of my favorite charities. Although they are technically "plates" and not blocks, I'm referring to them as blocks. I've played and played with them and cannot figure out where to go from here. Hopefully someone out there will love them and have a great use for them.

Ok... here's the scoop. There are 13 blocks in total. To finish each block the two halves need to be sewn together. The photo shows just 1/2 of each block so you can see the diversity. The yellow and blue block on the far left is the smallest of the group measuring 16" across. The yellow and green block in the far upper left is 18" across and the REST of the blocks are 20" across. I didn't realize that I had made two of the blocks smaller until I got them out for this photo. Oh... the second half of the red/pink block on the bottom far left is not sewn together but all the pieces will be included. Easy to sew together... will take five minutes! :)

Anyway, I'm asking $80 for all 13 blocks, which includes shipping. Just send me an email at imquilternity at yahoo dot com if you have questions are are interested! It will ALL go to Feeding America!

If you think my price is too high, please make me a reasonable offer!! 

Take care,

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Sally said...

You have such a great sense of fabric play. These are great! I'm in awe. I;d consider buying them, except then I'd have another ufo. And just had to have major rather unexpected costly car repair bill. Bummer.
Wondering what else you'll be offering... Sally