Thursday, April 27, 2017

Finally... a quilting finish for 2017

Well, it's finally done and on the wall. My Jelly Roll Race Gone Plaid... and, I love it!! I finished it 3/31/17 and I'm just a bit surprised it took me so long to complete since I started working on it mid-January. I know I haven't had much time in the sewing room, but mid-January? :))

Actually in my own defense, I've been very busy working out in our yard. Last March I tore out the backyard borders, covered them in newspaper layers, and topped them with bark. In the meantime, I've been pulling any weeds that managed to grow through and finally decided it was time to start planting. We had to rent an auger since there are so many roots from the trees planted behind our property that's it's impossible to dig through. The Auger worked well and it was fun to get a great many holes dug in one afternoon. The majority have been filled with plants which are doing well and there's just one 20 ft area where I'll need professional help since I want to plant another three good-sized palm trees.

My herb garden is doing extremely well. I'll be using a lot of it fresh, and drying quite a bit for my own use, but I have so much I would like to share. If you are in my neck of the woods and would like some fresh herbs, give me a holler via email.

I've also finished the knitting project I have been working on for five months so now I'll have to think of another project to keep me busy in the evenings in front of the tv.

I've still got these blocks to sell... if you think the price I'm asking is too high, please make me an offer! :)

Take care,

I started 2017 with UFO projects: 32
I have found (buried in my sewing room and elsewhere in the house) YTD: 0
I have started YTD: 1 ongoing project (composed of 34 units as of 4/5/17)
I have given away UFO projects YTD:0
I have thrown out or otherwise dismantled YTD: -2
I have sold unfinished UFO projects YTD:0
I have finished YTD: -1 "finished-for-now" project (composed of 41 units as of 4/27/17)
I have finished YTD: -1
Projects remaining YTD: 29


Diane J. Evans said...

That quilt is a stunner, Terri -- great job, no matter how long it may have taken. The results are well worth it.

I wish I could use those blocks -- they are truly beautiful, and they'll make a great quilt in the right hands. I'm sure they'll find a good home.


Sally said...

That is fantastic and just what I would expect from you. Job well done.

And you certainly are ambitious with your garden. If I could just keep ahead of the weeds...


Mystic Quilter said...

Amazing quilt Terri- love the fabrics in there. You sound to have been very busy in the garden, it keeps us fit doesn't i!