Monday, February 01, 2016

A great start to 2016!

Wow... it's already 32 days into the new year and you would not believe the "to do" list I have started for 2016! I've got a big year planned.

My UFO list is at 38 and I'm sure I'll find another couple projects in my sewing room that I forgot about. I gave away several projects that I knew I had no interest in finishing and I'm hoping that I'll get to see them completed by the recipient. Actually, it was quite motivating to list and prioritize all of those unfinished projects. I don't plan on finishing all of them, or even half of them, but if I can make a dent, I will be extremely happy. In that regard, I've already completed one project, except for the binding and I'm working on that today. Photo to come soon!

Our year has certainly started off right. We've had rain... and it's been good rain. Rain that can actually be measured. It has cleaned everything - not only the air itself, but streets and buildings.Today, it's cold out but it's supposed to warm up into the high 70's by Saturday/Sunday. I'll bet that sounds nice to those of you in the colder climates, but I would rather have the cold/rainy weather. Our hills are just starting to green up and we haven't seen that in quite awhile.

I have too much going on the first part of the year so I declined to sign up for the Spring Semester of quilting. I'll miss it (I'm sure more than they will miss me), but I'll go back in the Fall. I've got some kitchen remodeling and wood flooring to do and that will keep me busy, I'm sure. And, one of the benefits of sewing at home on Thursday is that I'll be able to get some of the UFO's, that are too large to work on in class, completed. I'm so looking forward to it.

Anybody go to Road to California? I went with some friends and we had a great time. I was so impressed with the quilt pictured above, but feel sad that I didn't get the name of the maker. I can only say that it was truly outstanding!!  Next month, we're going to QuiltCon. I've never been so I'm anxious to see what it's like.

Guess that's it for today!

Take care,


floribunda said...

Terri, when are you going to be at Quilt Con? Will we finally get to meet up?

I'm going down on Friday and coming back Sunday, with my sister and a couple of friends.

Mystic Quilter said...

Thanks for posting this wonderful elephant!

Sally said...

So great to hear from you!!! Good luck finishing some UFOs. I recently did some purging of unwanted projects, fabrics, etc., and it does feel liberating. Keep us posted on your progress.

Jackie said...

The quilt you've featured is amazing! I'm looking forward to seeing your finishes. I have quite a few UFO's too. Can't even call them WIPs since I haven't sat in my sewing room for a while.