Monday, April 20, 2015

I made a "mini"...

I just finished up this little mini Sew Together bag. It seems tiny compared to the original size, but it's cute and very easy (and quick) to make. In order to make the mini version, you must purchase the original pattern from Sew Demented and then use the tutorial/worksheet provided by Occasionalpiece-Quilt.

The true colors are just a bit more muted. I took this photo in a room filled with that beautiful, warm, late-afternoon light so it makes everything pop.

I've been putting together some fabric "kits" for the regular-sized Sew Together bag. My quilting friends asked me to teach them how to make the bag and wanted me to provide kits (there will be a charge for the "kit" but no charge for the instruction). We'll take two Thursdays and work our way through the bag. I know we'll have a lot of fun!!

It started me thinking about whether I should put some kits together to sell in my shop. Got an opinion?

Take care,


Unknown said...

Terri, I love this. You have such an eye for combining colors and prints.

Material Girl said...

Your mini looks great. I am planning on trying a mini at retreat this coming weekend but you have better fabric!

Diane J. Evans said...

Absolutely!! You know who will buy one -- that would be me. These are gorgeous -- I love BOTH sizes.

Let us know if they make it into the shop -- wish I could be with you on Tuesday and Thursday to learn how to make one. It'll be fun, I'm sure.