Thursday, March 05, 2015

I've reposted for a reason...

I'm still in need of 5/8 yard of this gorgeous fabric by Nel Whatmore. It's a 2014 Free Spirit (Westminster Fabrics) fabric and the line is called Merry Go Round. SKU #PWNW049-Grey

I've got it listed at, on instagram, and at the Sew It's For Sale yahoo group site in addition to here on the blog so I'm hoping to find it somewhere!!

If you have any of this fabric (or know someone who does) and you can spare 5/8 yard of it, please contact me at imquilternity at yahoo dot com  or terricohen at gmail dot com to provide me with payment information.

I'm reposting because Karin Vail left a comment on the original post stating she had a yard she was willing to part with. However, I never received an email nor do I have any kind of contact info for her (since she is "no-reply") so I'm hoping she'll be reading this post and will try to contact me again. If I don't respond, please make the assumption I haven't received the email and try, try, try again! :)) Also, in answer to yesterday's comment regarding the houses fabric, it's by Michele D'Amour for Benartex fabrics. I can find the style # if you want it.

I've also had an email from Lori and she is looking for 1 1/4 yards and if I'm contacted, I'll let her know about it.

Thanks so much!

Take care,


Anonymous said...

If you have not tried these shops in the UK, it appears that they have the grey:

imquilternity said...

I am aware of these shops, but to purchase and have shipped 3/4 of a yard would cost a total of $26. Waaaay too much $$. I'm still very confident that I'm going to find it in the US. Thank you!!!