Thursday, March 26, 2015

I couldn't share this until today...

I recently made a second Sew Together Bag. I truly love this bag and encourage you to try one. I know that zippers intimidate many people, but I promise you it is not difficult at all to sew this bag. Just take it slow. Quilt Barn has done a 5-part sew-along with a multitude of photos that make the instructions much more clear.

Pat and I gifted it yesterday to our friend Johanne, who invited us to her lovely home for lunch. While there we saw all of her gorgeous quilts, both finished and in-progress and her very organized studio. It was such an enjoyable and inspirational day! Thanks Johanne!

Johanne's favorite colors were the inspiration for the fabrics we chose. These were pulled from my stash. I couldn't believe I actually had these beautiful fabrics buried on my shelves. Anyway, both Pat and I were happy with the way it turned out.

I always like to use fairly light colors on the inside of zipper pockets since that makes it so easy to see what's inside.

After spending the afternoon with Johanne, we drove over to Sun Dried Tomato Bistro in San Juan Capistrano for dinner. Truth be told, we really went for the Black Cherry Lemon Drop martini's and dinner was secondary. :)) Those martini's are so, so good! My Angel Hair pasta was excellent too.

Today I tried to work on my Caravan Tote, but I think I had to rip out as much as I got sewn. Tomorrow will be another day, right?

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