Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Our Cargo Duffles... they are finally done!

I've been dying to write this post and show you my Cargo Duffle, but I had promised my friend Pat that we would reveal our bags at the same time. I had mine done before Christmas, but wasn't finished with the lining. Pat finished hers a couple weeks later, but between the holidays, and both of us being sick with the flu, we've just now finished them completely. Which means we've made and inserted our linings. Although the pattern doesn't call for a lining, I really like the finished feel and look that a lining provides. And, it's a blank canvas for pockets. I don't know about you, but I need pockets on the inside of all my bags.

Now that I glance at this photo, I realize that we still need to do the snaps on our pockets. We've been thinking about what we want to do and just haven't found the perfect solution yet. We're thinking maybe the white pearlized snaps would be the best idea... something simple since the bag fabrics are so busy.

I used a very interesting twill fabric from Japan for the body of the bag. It had text upside-down and right-side up and designs going every-which-way. It was a challenge cutting it out, but I'm very happy with the final placement.

I chose a black and white fabric for the lining since I wanted to be able to see inside the bag and I think it's perfect. I bound the top edge of the slip pockets on the one side and did an inset zipper pocket on the other. Just something to make it a bit more fun!!

Pat and I both used Soft & Stable instead of canvas for our bags. It made it much more substantial than the canvas would have and wasn't the least bit more difficult to sew/maneuver. I'm very happy with my bag and have plans to use it right away! :)

I was going to take photos of our bags together last Thursday when we showed them off at our quilting group, but I got so excited that I forgot. Luckily, Pat has the new iPhone which takes wonderful pictures, so she sent me a couple to share with you.

Pat also used the polka dot fabric for her lining and lining pockets. I love these fabrics and they way she chose to combine them.

I think we both liked making this bag so much that we're planning on making a second one. But, in the meantime, we've started another bag pattern that we've been wanting to make for quite awhile. We've picked our fabrics and will start sewing them on Thursday! I'll share as soon as there is enough to share! :)

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Sally said...

You both have outdone yourselves--again!

Marty Mason said...

Oh, how much do I love your fabric choices! Beautifully done. I've made two (to date), but now I'm out of here to select a grab bag of fabric for my third! Cargo totes do travel beautifully....expecially when the are filled with quilt projects for the next quilt retreat.

Diane J. Evans said...



patternsbyannie said...

Soft and Stable definitely makes the difference in the structure of the bag. You did wonderfully! Thanks for sharing.