Saturday, December 06, 2014


We've been very productive at our Tuesday meetings and I haven't talked about our group for awhile. I think I've mentioned before how diversified we are. We have modern, traditional, quirky, arty, experimental and fun all in the same little group. I never know what to expect from these ladies, but it's always exciting and inspirational.

Here's a peek at what was happening week before last. Remember, we meet in a garage so last week when it was pouring down rain, we decided not to attempt carrying all of our gear up the driveway and into the garage. Wise choice in the end!

Pat made wedges and since then has made even more. I think she told me on Thursday that she needed 15 more! It's going to be a gorgeous quilt.

Karen does the most beautiful embroidery and these owls prove it! She's got all the blocks completed and now she's piecing the rest of the quilt. She's using black, yellow, and white if I remember correctly. It's going to be really stunning!

Katie has the most incredible stash/collection of neutral fabrics. I've never seen some of the beautiful taupe fabrics she's got and I would love to steal some of them from her! :) She was finishing up the binding on this quilt and truly, this photo does not do it justice.

Stacey was just getting ready to start making this collection of "softies." She's the only one in our group who does this kind of work so it's always fun to watch her little figures come to life.

Pat A was working on Christmas gifts so I didn't want this photo to reveal too much about her project. Suffice it to say that her gifts will be works of art and the word "perfection" will definitely apply.

Jane was also working on a Christmas gift and when I saw her on Thursday she had added four or five more borders to this. It's a raw-edge woven center with borders being added to get it to the size she's wanting/needing. I wish you could see it in person as it's truly lovely. Made with batiks, the colors are stunning.

I worked on making some more zipper pouches for the shop. I've got five or six I think and will aim for tomorrow for photographing them and getting them listed. Today I finished up some small Christmas gifts that I decided to make yesterday morning. I thought it would take me longer to make them, so it was a pleasant surprise when I finished up about 3:30pm today. Once they've been gifted I'll share them here on the blog.

Hope you're all enjoying this wonderful -busy- holiday month!

Take care,


Vicki W said...

You have a great group!

Sally said...

Wow! And,once again, you're quite an accomplished photographer.

Anne said...

I've been following your wedge reports with interest. I just made my first Dresden block for a modern bee I part of and am wondering if I could use Darlene Zimmerman's Dresden ruler to make the blocks you have made? They look quite large and the center looks pretty small.

Diane J. Evans said...

Okay -- where are you finding all this time to sew, girl???? I envy your energy. Love all the projects -- you have a talented group of women there. Keep having fun and sending along the inspirations.


Jean said...

Sounds like a fun group. Lots of beautiful projects. I have a small group that meets every other month...we challenge each other and enjoy working together.

Wendy said...

What a great group...could you find out where she got those stunning owl patterns from, please...they are adorable and I have a daughter who loves owls.

imquilternity said...

The Owls pattern is from Crabapple Hill and can be found on their website.