Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Back to sewing - yea!!

Before attending the opening reception of the Art From Cloth 2014 show by the Extreme Quilters of Southern California Sunday afternoon, which I highly recommend seeing, I was able to get a couple of Zip & Go's made.

These were commissioned long before my sister came to visit with the knowledge that I would not complete them until the beginning of October.

This one with the birds is going to be used at Christmastime and it's perfect for that. There is just enough "bling" to make it special and elegant. My customer picked this main fabric and I supplied the interior text fabric. They make a great combination, I think. This is the backside and from this photo you can really get a good feel for the birch trees the birds are sitting on.

It felt good to be making them/sewing again!

Take care,


Sally said...

Looks as if you'll be making a different one for each of the 365 days in the year! Beautiful combinations!

Vicki W said...

Love the one with the Cardinals!

SewCalGal said...

Gorgeous Zip and Go bags, with what I believe is beautiful Hoffman fabric.


Karin Vail said...

what is that fabric with the birch trees and cardinals? LOVELY!!!

imquilternity said...

Karen... the fabric with the birch trees and cardinals is called Woodsey Winter and it's a Hoffman fabric.