Monday, October 06, 2014

Apple time!

Every year we get in the car and make the trek up the coast to See Canyon where we purchase "fresh from the tree" apples. I wish we could actually pick them, but that's not an option. We love the variety called Splendour and have found only one place that grows them. They don't always have prolific quantities of them, so when we are notified that they have them, we go now!!

Saturday was a fun day... 102 degrees in Buellton as we were passing through, but thankfully the a/c in our car works great! The day was warm and and the skies were beautiful as was the clear, blue ocean along the coastal part of the trip.

We stopped at only one fabric/quilt shop along the way, as I had a very specific fabric in mind that I was trying to find and knew some of the shops just wouldn't have what I was looking for. I accomplished my mission and found the background for the embroidery blocks in this quilt!

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