Monday, September 02, 2013

Labor Day Yard Sale!

I'm joining Bonnie Hunter's Labor Day Yard Sale today! If you like to shop yard sales, you might want to visit her blog to see all the others who are selling quilting and/or quilt-related items.

Here's what I'm offering today...

Gold Brown Turquoise Mosaic quilt, 51 1/2" by 66", 100% cotton quilting fabrics, warm & natural batting, Sulky Rayon thread used for quilting. It was made a few years ago as a gift for someone and she decided she didn't like the colors. It's been stored away with the rest of my quilts since that time, but never once used. I decided it needs to go to a good home where someone will actually use it. $55.00 (includes shipping)

Yellow and Blue Floral quilt, 51" by 51", made from 100% cotton quilting fabrics, with warm & natural batting. Free-motion machine quilting in a grid  with smaller flowers is some of the blocks in the center of the quilt and feathers through the border. Made as a wall-hanging so it has a sleeve at the top of the quilt. It does not lay completely flat in the left-hand bottom corner, but blocking would correct this problem easily. $40.00  (includes shipping) - sold

Patchwork Christmas Stocking (no quilting), 17" x 13" made with 100% cotton fabrics, red corduroy backing and cuff, and red cording has been hand-stitched around the stocking. Hanger is pinned inside cuff. $8.00   (includes shipping)

Quilting Arts Magazines (Issues 41, 42, 43) - $12.00 (includes shipping)

Quilter's Newsletter Magazines (Issues 204, 225, 322, 323, 375, 377, 383) -$10.50 (includes shipping)

Patchwork Pantry Quilt Book by Suzette Halferty & Carol Porter. In excellent used condition. $8.00 (includes shipping) 

Cats & Bats Halloween Fabric, 100% cotton quilting fabric by Teresa Kogut for SSI Fabrics, Inc., 2 1/4 yards x 44" - $12.50 (shipping included) - sold

Blue Floral, 100% cotton quilting fabric by Joan Kessler for Concord Fabrics, 3 3/4 yards x 43" - $12.00 (shipping included) - sold!

Green Pink Beige Plaid, 100% cotton home dec fabric by Springs Industries, 4 yards x 43" wide. $11.00 (shipping included)

Green Pink Blue Large Floral, 100% cotton home dec fabric. All one piece, but first 27" is only 26" wide, then 2 1/2 yards are full 52" width, then last 1 yard is 15" wide. $12.00 (shipping included)

Brown Burnt Orange Floral, 100% cotton quilting fabric by the Kesslers for Concord Fabrics. 4 yards 33" in length by 44" wide. $12.00 (shipping included). At 2 yd 23" into the fabric, there is a 10" wide fade area the width of the fabric. Not all is faded, but most in that area. - sold

Impressionistic Floral, 100% cotton home dec fabric by Stanley King Studio. Had a teflon stain resistant coating, but has been laundered. 2 yards 26" in length by 52" wide. About 7" from the end of the fabric on one corner there is a sticky spot left from masking tape. Probably will wash out, but I'm not sure. It's only about a 3" square. $11.00 (shipping included)

Greyish Green Sage large-scale floral, 100% cotton quilting weight fabric by VIP Cranston Printworks. 5 yards 13" by 56" wide. $14.00 (shipping included) - sold

All of these items are from a smoke-free and pet-free home. If you are interested in anything you see here, please email me at imquilternity at yahoo dot com to arrange for paypal payment instructions. I'll be happy to combine items to save you money on shipping.

eta - I actually forgot that I have a few other items - over here - that I'm wanting to sell. 

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