Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Leaving on a road trip...

and I'm soooo excited! I love road trips... they are adventures just waiting to happen. If I can manage it, I'll do a post or two while I'm on my trip, otherwise I'll share my adventures with you when I get back home. DH is staying home this trip and I'm going with a girlfriend. How fun!

In the meantime, I thought I would leave you with some photos taken in my garden last week.
This is the garden area directly behind my family room and kitchen area. There are four Hydrangeas planted here and one that is in a pot but not totally visible in this shot. This is the best these hydrangeas have looked since we planted them. The spiky plant to the upper right of the hydrangeas is a Plumeria. It's going to look wonderful when it starts to flower.
The Fuschia is doing well this year too. I think it's because we've had so few really hot days. It's been mostly cool and overcast. In fact, it was overcast the day I took all of these photos.
This is one of the hydrangeas that is located on the sideyard of the house and it's the only one I have that is this pale, lavendar color. Don't know why, but I love it.
I have several Hibiscus planted around the yard, but this one in the sideyard is the only ones that does very well. 
And, this photo is shot on Potrero Road and across from CSUCI (Cal State U Channel Islands). Corn already about 4 ft high... and beautiful!

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Take care,


HollyM said...

Teri, your gardens are so lush! I love that hydrangea too!
Have a fun trip!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful, relaxing andsafe trip.

Maureen said...

Hydrangeas - one of my favourite flowers and the pale pinky lavender one is so nice. Your whole front garden looks really good.
Hope your trip goes well Terri - keep in touch

Kar said...

Your flowers and gardens are so pretty Terri! Such pretty colors all over. Hope you have a wonderful trip!