Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Down they go...edited to add photo! :)

Only 25 more shopping days here!

I just wanted to show you what's left and it's not much, but there are some lovely fabrics here that I would love to see go to someone else's home. :)

  Not a very good photo, but you get the idea, right?

Just to let you know in advance... from 6/9/13 through 6/23/13 my etsy shop will be on vacation and you will be unable to make a purchase. At my From Here to Quilternity webshop, you will be able to place orders, but they will not be shipped until 6/24/13 and then in the order that they were received. DH will be home, but he doesn't do shipping. :)

Take care,


Sally said...

I hope you're going some place absolutely WONDERFUL!

HollyM said...

I hope so too. If so, have a good vacation.