Monday, April 08, 2013

New Kaffe FQ packs & design rolls...

The newest Kaffe Fassett FQ packs and design rolls are scheduled to be delivered to my home on Wednesday. I'm thinking I'll go ahead and offer them in the shop, but they won't be on sale the way everything else is. I'm excited to see them since I can't remember what the fabrics look like. :)

I spent the weekend working in the yard. One of our sideyards was overgrown and littered with dead leaves and debris from fall and winter so I raked the entire thing, pruned all the bushes, pulled weeds, and then put a layer of mulch down (cedar bark - it's smelled soooo good while I was putting it down). I don't have a sense of smell so that was a whole new sensation for me. Anyway, it looks so nice and my DH was very surprised - he had forgotten that we had 4 large stepping stones there it had gotten so overgrown.

I've still got lots left to do in the yard and I've been trying to go out for a little while each morning. If a I do a little bit each day, I think I can get it all done before all the weeds start to grow again. 

My fabric SALE is still going strong (and I'm still nagging you to visit)!! We've got GREAT prices...come see! It looks as though I may have to discontinue accepting credit cards in the shop at the end of the month. It all depends upon the company that provides my merchant account services. We'll see. Anyway, I'll obviously still accept Paypal payments and credit card payments via Paypal (and that works even if you don't have an account with them).

Take care,


Judy said...

You sound like me - if I just do a little bit in the garden every day, it will all come together. Our garden was sleeping soundly until last weekend, when our temps suddenly shut up into the high 70s, and now everything is exploding - especially the weeds!
Your garden looks lovely and tidy. I am spreading pine straw as my mulch this year. I hope it will work to keep the weeds down.


Crispy said...

Your side yard looks fabulous!! My poor yard is going to get a major redo over the next couple of much for this gal to do in one year after 13 years of neglect LOL.


Maureen said...

Well, I like your stepping stones Terri - they seem to be a great size and look great with all the greenery and the newly laid bark, and lucky you taking delivery of the new Kaffe Fasset rolls.

Judy Rys said...

Well, this post just answered my question about your garden! It looks very peaceful. Good job.