Saturday, April 20, 2013

Commissario Brunetti...

I've been enthralled lately by the Commissario Brunetti mystery series, written by Donna Leon, both on DVD and books (audio and hardcopy). The only thing is... I'm getting myself confused in the process. I'm watching one on DVD, listening to one on CD, and reading another one. It just might be overkill. But, I love them and can't stop myself. The only weird thing about watching the DVD is that they speak German rather than Italian.

I also did a bit of shopping this week. I ordered these from in three different sizes and was very happily surprised to be able to wear them in the smallest size. I can tell that they are going to stretch out a bit so they might even end up being too wide. I couldn't go any smaller because I need the length. They are soooo comfy - and cute!
I'm working to get all the items I have available at the moment listed on etsy so I can open my shop. I wanted to get it done today, but it's so nice and warm and sunny out that it's difficult to force myself to stay inside and work. Besides that, it's Saturday and Saturdays are meant for playing!

My fabric SALE is still going strong and I lowered some prices... come see!

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Crispy said...

I'm assuming that the dvd's are sub-titled. I love foreign crime shows and am working my way through all that Netflicks and Amazon Prime have.

Love your new shoes!!


CitricSugar said...

It is funny but I find that in tv and movies, the actors will almost always speak the language of the audience it's targeted for and the studio it's produced by. "The Hunt for Red October" has that great sequence where they switch from speaking Russian to English while a character is reading a passage from the bible, using it as a bridge and translator.

Another fine example? The Wallander series on BBC. Set in Sweden - spoken dialogue is British English (which isn't to imply that Swedish policemen can't speak English but you know what I mean…) Also, Kenneth Branagh. An excellent actor in any language!