Saturday, March 09, 2013

Sea Lavendar...

Yesterday, I finally got out of the house for the first time in a week. I've been sick with a cold, and even though it was only a cold, I still felt pretty miserable.

Anyway, on the way to and from my haircut appt, I drove through the lovely fields and took some photos. It was such a gorgeous day... with glorious clouds which created shifting light as they moved across/in front of the sun.

If memory serves me correctly, I believe this plant is called Sea Lavender. I grew quite a bit of it in the garden/yard at my last house. It grew easily and without any special requirements.

I edited this photo just a tiny bit using PicMonkey and it was fun trying all the different features and seeing how they worked. In the end, I used very few of them but I still learned a lot.

My SALE is still going strong (and I'm still hoping you'll visit)!! We've got GREAT prices...come see! Remember that once a fabric is gone, it's gone. I won't be reordering. I'm hoping that everything sells out in the next month or two so I can close up the present shop and open my etsy shop. 

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