Friday, August 31, 2012

I'm in awe of gorgeous sunsets

We've had some absolutely gorgeous sunsets lately. I drove over to the beach (Sycamore Cove) the other evening to capture this photo of the sun just beginning to disappear behind the horizon. It was so breathtaking in person!

I just noticed that the horizon is not straight. I think I was so excited about the sunset that I didn't take time to compose my shot well. It bugs me now that I've noticed it, but not enough to go fix it in photoshop. I know....sometimes I'm lazy.

There was an even more colorful display last night but I didn't have my camera with me to capture it in time. It wasn't the sun setting, but it was the reflection of the sun as it was setting on the clouds above. Gorgeous deep reds and purples. Wow!

We are so fortunate here in So Cal in terms of weather. I've been watching the TV coverage of the havoc that hurricane Isaac has caused and I feel so sad for those that have lost their homes and everything they own to the flooding and devastation.

Take care,


Kar said...

Gorgeous Terri! Sunsets are so awesome to watch. No two are alike. Pure magic.

Sally said...

Another gorgeous photo!