Saturday, April 21, 2012

Today's is the last day...

to enter into my Earth Day giveaway.

Six one-half yard pieces (3 yards) of 100% cotton fabrics. All you have to do to be eligible to win these fabrics is leave a comment on this post telling me what your plans are for Earth Day.

Even if you have no plans for Earth Day you are still welcome to join in! I certainly don't want to exclude anyone!
The giveaway will end at Midnight, EST, TONIGHT, April 21st. Anonymous comments will not be eligible to win.

Go to this post to leave your comment!

Take care,


Rafael's Mum said...

:-) Let's put it this way, no plans means not going anywhere, so no flying, driving, using fuel, emitting CO2, very good plan for Earth Day!! I might put some of my stuff I have sorted on Ebay, that's recycling so that counts too!

Barb Adams said...

Since I took my recycling in today, I can relax tomorrow. I planned to go to church, but it's a long drive and maybe I shouldn't use my car! I'm sewing through my stash and I just finished making a bird nesting bag out of a milk carton and selvages and tiny strips. No waste in the sewing room this year!

Barb said...

I realize that your giveaway has ended but I am surprised that you only got two comments for such a wonderful giveaway. I have been a ba blogger lately or I would have been by sooner. Thanks for this and your acknowledgement of Earth Day!