Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter's just around the corner...

I started looking for some easy Easter decorating ideas since Easter is almost here. We do very simple decorating for any holidays, but I always love to look for great ideas anyway.

Better Homes & Gardens always has ideas that I love. They're simple and usually quite inexpensive but are really quite clever and always cute/pretty.

Since I collect vintage postcards this idea appeals to me.

Isn't this a clever idea? I wish I had an umbrella in that color. Actually, I have a plaid one (like the plaid in the photo above) that might look good. Of course, my front door is black so it might not look a lot like "Easter" but it would be fun to try.

I might have to do this too. It's simple and I love the idea of working with just one design element. Brussels sprouts not only taste good, they are beautiful to look at. Who doesn't love a topiary?

It's always fun to find a new way to display flowers and vegetables. I love the small carrots in this, aren't they cute?

Here's a cute egg idea using fabric strips. After reading the instructions, I think they seem pretty easy to do,

This cute idea came from Country Living. Easy to do and would work for many occasions. I think I would use pastel paper bags and yellow jelly beans.

Oh...I love this cake idea. Easy and so clever! If you have kids they could help with this. How fun!

Hope these few ideas get you started thinking about Easter, if you haven't already.

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Diane J. Evans said...

You always share some of the best ideas for decorating -- there simply isn't enough time to do all the creating that I'd love to do. These projects make me smile in anticipation of Easter -- thanks for sharing them.