Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Annual Christmas Wreath ideas...

As usual, I've started looking for Christmas wreath ideas and I've found a few new ones that I like to share with you.

I especially love this one from Martha Stewart as I find it so elegant and simple.

Isn't this cute, and clever... I'm always looking for good ways to display my Christmas cards.

Since I'm a knitter I've got plenty of yarn around. I like the "handmade" aspect of this wreath and it's sheer simplicity.

This Button Wreath is another great idea for those who sew and have many, many buttons in their collection. Sound familiar?

I like this idea since it's super easy and could actually be used at times other than Christmas. It just seems so clean.

And, last but certainly not least, for the wine-drinking, cork lovers....here's a nice little wreath!

Even though this is about garlands, stocking, etc (and not wreaths), I think this is information that must be shared. Wish I had known about this many years ago. I've always been very careful and very leery about draping my mantle with garland because I was afraid of scratching (or otherwise damaging) the wood. Well, here's a great solultion!!

I know many of you already have your Christmas decorating done and these ideas won't help, but it seems like my wreath is always the last thing I get around to so I'm still collecting ideas!

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Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I love getting new ideas for decorating. These wreaths are very pretty and inspiring.

Barb said...

Thanks Teri, great pictures and inspiration.

Diane J. Evans said...

Leave it to Martha -- she has a solution for everything, doesn't she??? These are great wreaths -- you always share such cool things at the holidays!


floribunda said...

uh oh -- I only have 15 corks lined up on the windowsill! guess it's time for some more wine...

thanks for the links!