Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nothing crafty to report.

I've not been doing any crafting/sewing/quilting for awhile now. Just getting ready for the holidays ahead.

I do need to get photos of my "Trip Around the World" quilt taken which has been finished now for about three/four weeks. It's in the back of my car because I'm just sure that while I'm out there driving around I will come across the perfect place to photograph it. The only trouble is....I only seem to remember it is in the back of the car when I pull into the garage after being out. -sigh- Wonder if I'll ever remember? :)

We are having some really wonderful weather - still very fall-like, which I am simply loving! The trees are glorious in all their color and there definitely needs to be some raking done. Do you think anyone in So Cal owns a rake? Does anyone in So Cal even know what a rake is?


wendiq said...

I think after today, you won't need a rake. You got the wind....:)Looking forward to seeing your finished quilt,too.

Diane J. Evans said...

You take such great photos, Terri -- I feel as though I'm there. Our leaves are pretty much gone now, and, frankly, I miss them!