Monday, February 07, 2011

Ebay is a means to an end...

The end of my stash!  LOL  I've put a few things up for auction on ebay - if you are interested!

Fabrics (100% cotton) by Robert Kaufman. 3 pieces for a total of 4 1/4 yards. Pink floral - 1 3/8 yd, Yellow floral - 7/8 yd, & Garden fabric - 2 yds. Ebay transaction. Ends 2/14!

20 4 1/2" strips (100% cotton) Ebay transaction. Ends 2/14!

6 1/4 total yards - Rayon Challis Fabric (four different fabrics). Ebay transaction. Ends 2/14!

Quilts for Fabric Lovers & Paper Piecing - both by Alex Anderson. In excellent, almost new condition. Ebay transaction. Ends 2/14!

I'll be de-stashing a lot more stuff in the coming weeks/months and I'll try to let you know about it here!!


Crispy said...

Are you completely destashing?!?!


imquilternity said...

No....that was a bit misleading wasn't it? I'm sorry about that...sometimes I don't think before I "speak". Anyway, I'm de-stashing a lot of my older stuff and a few books, notions, etc. Just trying to make room for more! LOL