Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A lot of Threads...

Have you seen this? Wow! A DVD with access to all 146 issues (that's 24 years worth of issues) from Threads! I'm a bit blown away by this...what a great idea! Why hasn't someone thought of doing this before? I would also love to have all the old Victoria magazine issues on one DVD.

With access by issue or by topic.

If you're interested, check it out here!


Crispy said...

That really is a unique idea, I bet we will see other magazines to this too. I just thought, wouldn't it be awful if all magazines went to DVD? Part of the fun of a magazine is turning those glossy pages.


zquilts said...

Sure - it's a fabulous idea (and qould free up some much needed space for me too for that matter!) but the price is prohibitive for me!

Jackie said...

That would be so cool to have all the quilt magazines that we subscribe to on DVD. All those patterns that we so love in such a small space. That would be great!

Judy said...

Great idea! My husband has all of the old New Yorkers in that form, and he loves it! I've just begun subscribing to Threads and find each issue to be fabulous. I may just have to look into this....a great gift idea!