Friday, March 13, 2009

It's Friday the 13th and I need some green today. Not that one has anything to do with the other. My favorite color at the moment is chartreuse and any interation of it. In fact, the uglier it is, the more I like it, don't ask me why because I don't understand it. I have never really liked green before now. Funny how our tastes change, I don't like blue now but used to love it. Other than in nature, where every color is wonderful. Anyway, I thought I would share some gorgeous chartreuse with you today.

Hopefully, you'll get to see a little green in your weekend too!


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Today I am on a mission to purchase plants and flowers for my yard! Green, yes but flowers too.... Around the pond and in the front yard, lots of pretty impatients.

Enjoy your green day :-)


Judy said...

I too ADORE chartreuse and particularly enjoyed your photo mosaic. The Chihuly piece is marvelous. I read a short article yesterday about Chartreuse liqueur...will have to get some and add a bit to my next 'tini! ;-) MMMMM!

my sock is almost finished...may have to post a pic today!

Happy Friday the 13th!


Jackie said...

What a great photo mosaic! I'm finding that I love to quilt and knit with colors that aren't typically "me" and it's fun!