Wednesday, October 01, 2008

It's almost that time again.....are you ready for Halloween? Have you thought about your decorating yet?

I love this idea from the BHG website (directions here).

And, again from the BHG website, I would love to have a front porch that looked like this...

but, mine is probably going to end up looking more like this one.


Miles Johnson said...

Good Evening. I blog-hopped over here from Dianes' blog Going To Pieces. I have been slowly gathering up our Halloween stuff as it is almost time to get the house in order- we through one heckuva Halloween party every year and people have come to expect it. But with the economy as it is things have been tight and there was doubt (on my end) whether a party was feasible. Well, we threw caution to the wind (plus I have another publishing check coming in next week, ka-ching) and decided to throw a party anyway. I love to decorate and cook for it so it's all good.
Catch ya later!!!

Judy said...

I like your style of decorating better than BH&Gs! I have one lonely pot of yellow Mums by my front door....and an overgrown pot of summer things (impatients, vines, tall grasses, etc) on the other side. I'm not big on decorating...can you tell?

Glad to know we are even more of kindred hearts politically!