Monday, September 29, 2008

Some more of my recent hand-dyed fabric to show you. It's always when I'm playing around that I get the most interesting results, I think. I've got many more of these to get listed...I wish I could hire one of you to help me. :)) There are only so many hours in a day, ya know?

I love this one and I'm keeping it. I keep very few of my hand-dyed's but every now and then one just "grabs" me. I don't yet know how I'll use it, but it will look great sitting in my studio until I decide!

This one is fun and was truly unplanned. It just happened. That's what's so fun about dyeing fabric.

And this last one is very color-saturated. I can see a flower in the upper right-hand corner. With the perfect quilting and maybe some beading, couching, etc. it could be exquisite!


Judy said...

YUMMY!!! especially that last one!

Judy said...

oooh, They are all beautiful, but the second one is my favorite.