Monday, July 07, 2008

I had time to SEW during the weekend and it felt wonderful. Even though it's not a quilt, I had time to sew two pillows for the adirondack chairs on my front porch. We just finished painting these chairs for the third time in six years and I love how they look. We went with a creamy beige this time since it matches the color in the stone and stucco. They've been sage green and chartreuse in previous incarnations.

Also, while I had the paint brush out, I painted the front door....Black. It really looks great and ties in with the black background in the pillows.

Small projects, but creative none-the-less and I've been craving that. I hope you enjoy your small summer projects too!

I also had fun in the garden rearranging and re-potting plants on the patio. And look at my plumeria! This is the third year that it's bloomed. I finally found the right location for it. It seems to like the morning sun and afternoon shade.

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Now it's back to work. I've got MANY bolts of fabric waiting for me to photograph them! :)

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