Monday, July 21, 2008

As much as I love my present house, I sometimes miss my old one. It was much smaller and felt very cozy. We moved from that house because my DH had to tilt his head to one side while going down the staircase to avoid hitting the ceiling in one spot. He did that for nine years before we said "enough".

When we sold the house, the buyers made it clear that they would only buy the house if they could also buy my Trip Around the World quilt that was hanging in the entryway.

We did sell them the quilt, but it was probably the newly remodeled kitchen that they really wanted! :))

We designed the wine rack cabinet and found those lovely corbels which we also used under the "bar" section of the countertop. It was such fun! We used 6" x 12" Italian tiles in a "cobblestone" pattern on the countertop which was a bit unusual but it looked great!

I really miss that kitchen! And the backyard...

Thanks for letting me reminisce.

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