Tuesday, September 11, 2007

So Relaxed.........

Our trip to Mammoth was wonderful....wish you could have been there with us! We stayed in a great condo at Mountainback and made short day trips from there. We visited Lake Mary (one of the Mammoths lakes)

and we drove to Twin Lakes, just northwest of Bridgeport, for a day!

Then we scouted out the June Lake areas four lakes (June, Gull, Silver & Grant)....June Lake below

and Silver Lake, where we rented a fishing boat and spent the day on the lake. It was so relaxing and funny. We had a "pet duck" who followed us in our boat all the way around the lake, several times!! Of course, we were feeding him, but that little duck was the fastest swimmer I've seen in a long time. On shore, fishermen were catching trout up to a foot long.

One discovery we made brought back great childhood memories. We used to go camping/fishing quite a bit when I was a kid but I could never remember where we went. Well, we discovered Rock Creek Lake and the many campgrounds on the road there and it just snapped into place for me....that's where we used to go! Great memories!! I wonder if my sis would remember it too?

This is one of the streams on the road to Rock Creek Lake...

and this is Rock Creek Lake...

Well, it was a GREAT trip....only WAY TOO SHORT! :))

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