Sunday, January 01, 2017

Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year everyone! I love the beginning of a new year... it's a beautifully pristine blank slate!

I'm starting off this year with a little destash of a couple of my UFO projects. I'm going to offer them here, at a discounted price, just in case someone would like them and if there are no takers, I'll put them in my etsy shop.

A couple of years ago, I was interested in knitting and felting bags. Lots of them were being done, but they were all so small. I wanted to do tote size or larger so I started experimenting and knitting huge - I mean really huge - bags so I could felt them. Felting created a very thick and very soft "fabric". I did several in various colors and sizes and it was a fun process. I always planned to finish them and use them, but as is so often the case with me, they were set aside. Now I found I've lost interest. The handles are included with the bags, but they are not attached. None of them are lined.

This first bag is the largest:

14" Wide
16" High (with cuff rolled down)
21" High (with cuff left up)
6 1/2" Deep
Handle 33 1/2" end to end

$36.00 includes shipping via USPS flat rate medium box

This second bag is:

14" Wide
15 1/2" High (with cuff rolled down)
19" High (with cuff left up)
3 1/2" Deep
Handle 30" end to end

$30.00 includes shipping via USPS flat rate medium box

Take care,

I'm starting 2017 with UFO projects: 32
I have found (buried in my sewing room and elsewhere in the house) YTD:0
I have started YTD:0
I have given away UFO projects YTD:0
I have thrown out or otherwise dismantled YTD:0
I have sold unfinished UFO projects YTD:0
I have finished YTD:0
Projects remaining YTD: 32


Sally said...

Both are gorgeous!

Diane J. Evans said...

You've made me feel so much better about my own UFOs -- it's comforting to know that creative people like you have a few things that got tucked away for the future. You've given me permission to let go of a couple of them without guilt, and that's one of my goals in 2017, so thank you, my friend.